10 of the Best Braiders in the DC Area

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The DMV–not to be confused with the Department of Motor Vehicles–comprises northwestern D.C, Montgomery County, Maryland, and northern Virginia. It’s a cultural hub famous for its political scene, Mambo sauce, gogo music, and the go-to for naturalistas from the surrounding areas. The DC metro area has an impressive selection of stylists and braiders specializing in knotless braids, bohemian locs, and everything in between. Here’s a closer look at our favorites!

Ancestral Strands

At a Glance

What makes her dope: A certified trichologist, holistic health practitioner, and herbalist, Tamara Albertini of Ancestral Strands provides an enviable full service braiding salon. From providing healthy hair maintenance and cultivating both modern and traditional braided styles to personalizing herbal hair products using ancient practices via intimate consultations, Miss Tamara’s hair studio is an experience worth trying. Her notable clients include Michaela Angela Davis, Julee Wilson, the Senior Fashion Editor at the Huffington Post, Paola Mathe of Finding Paola, and editorial features in Essence and Allure magazines.

Styles: Crochet, Fulani Cornrows, Knotless Braids, Marley Twists, Passion Twists
Booking: Book an appointment via the Ancestral Strands site.
General Pricing: $215-$445. All bookings included washed synthetic hair excluding crochet styles.
Rating: Unavailable

Cecelia Denise Hinds

At a Glance

  • Name: Cecelia Denise Hinds
  • Address: 141 Kennedy St NW, Washington DC 20011
  • Neighborhood: Manor Park
  • Contact: 202-291-1118
  • Links: Site | Instagram

What makes her dope: A notable figure in the DMV natural hair care community, Ms. Hinds has over 23 years of experience as a braider and braiding instructor. She is also the owner of one of  Washington, DCs leading salon’s Uzuri Braids.

Styles: Marley twists, Sisterlocks maintenance, Sisterlocks updos, General locs maintenance, General locs updos, Men’s locs styles
Booking: Book an appointment by calling 202-291-1118
General Pricing: Prices are available by phone. New clients receive $25 off individual styles with extensions, $50 off for clients starting sisterlocks at the Uzuri Salon.
Rating: 4 Stars on Google Reviews

Hairology by Bri Monae

At a Glance

  • Name: Hairology by Bri Monae
  • Address: Given with booking confirmation
  • Neighborhood: Given with booking confirmation
  • Contact: Direct messenger via the @hairology instagram profile
  • Links: Brii Monae Instagram | Hairology Instagram

What makes her dope: Rising star and relative newbie to the DMV scene, Brii Monae of Hairlogy has started her year off with a bang, servicing clients from left to right with today’s most sought-after looks. From perfectly crafted bohemian Butterfly locs to swoon-worthy knotless braids, Miss Monae (and her work) is a beauty to keep your eyes on.

Styles: Knotless Braids, Soft Locs, Butterfly Locs, Distressed Locs, Passion Braids, Touch-ups
Booking: Direct messenger via Instagram at @hairology.bm
General Pricing: $115-$200 for installs. $45-60 for touch-ups. A $15 non-refundable deposit is required
Rating: unavailable

Felicia Webb

At a Glance

  • Name: Felicia Webb
  • Address: 6315 Pennsylvania Avenue, Ste. B, District Height, MD 20747
  • Neighborhood: District Heights
  • Contact: 202-845-5737
  • Links: Style Seat | Instagram

What makes her dope: If you’re a fan of Candiace Dillard Bassett’s braids from the television show The Real Housewives of Potomac, consider yourself a fan of her go-to braider, Felicia Webb. In addition to her celebrity pedigree, Felicia boasts a “superior grip game” that allows her to style clients with as little as one inch of hair. (Take our quiz to see if you should be wearing protective styles). An absolute win for those who are looking for styles to grow out their pixies or TWA.

Styles: Tribal Braids, Stitch/Feed-in Braids, Layered Feed-in Braids, Knotless Braids, Marley Twist, Gypsy Twists
Booking: Book an appointment via StyleSeat
Rating: 5 stars on StyleSeat
General Pricing: $200-$400, virtual and in-shop consultations are available.

Natalie McKenzie

At a Glance

  • Name: Natalie McKenzie the Traveling Braider
  • Address: Given with in-salon booking confirmation
  • Neighborhood: Your neighborhood ;), as well as a physical location in Upper Marlboro, MD
  • Contact: Contact form
  • Links: Website | Instagram

What makes her dope: Suppose you are absolutely married to the convenience of a stylist that will come to you rather than the alternative (and you are unable to book a Yeluchi by Un-ruly appointment, of course). In that case, we recommend looking into Miss McKenzie, the Traveling Braider. With over fifteen years of experience, Natalie has honed her craft by specializing in a unique braiding technique that eliminates breakage and tension from the hair and scalp line, giving lots of care and consideration to your edges! While her style menu varies from knotless braids to feed-in cornrows, this stylist’s signature gypsy braids and her own hair care product, Braid Be Gone, an all-natural hair oil that prevents buildup from the root to protect new growth, keeps her books booked!

Styles: Knotless Braids, Knotless Boho, Bomb Twist, Feed-in Cornrow, Goddess Braids, Genee Braids
Booking: Book an appointment via the Traveling Braider site
General Pricing: Varies from $200 for boxed braid bob with rubber bands to $600 Goddess locs at tailbone length.
Rating: Unavailable

African Braiding Center

At a Glance

  • Name: African Braiding Center
  • Address: 3933 Georgia Ave. NW, Washington DC 20011
  • Neighborhood: Petworth
  • Contact: 202-726-3444
  • Links: Site | Instagram

What makes them dope: Another pioneer in the DMV natural hair care circuit, the African Braiding Center, has served the community for almost twenty years and counting. With its slogan, “where we braid with love,” the community-minded salon had promoted hair growth and healthy edges long before they were cool, even producing their own fast-selling, organic growth hair oil–just another bonus to the service the African Braiding Center delivers.

Styles: Lemonade Braids, Tribal Braids, Braided Ponytails, Soft Locs, Triangular Box Parting,
Booking: Book an appointment via the African Braiding Center website.
General Pricing: $160-$200 for twists styles. $160-$250 for cornrow styles. $200-$400 for knotless braids. $250-$300 for Butterfly and Soft locs.
Rating: 4.1 stars on Google rating

The Blessed Braider

At a Glance

  • Name: The Blessed Braider (Shay)
  • Address: Given with booking confirmation
  • Neighborhood: Given with booking confirmation
  • Contact: Direct messenger via the @theblessedbraider Instagram profile
  • Links: Booking Site | Instagram

What makes her dope: Adding a bit of color to this “best of” list is the talented Shay, the Blessed Braider. A clutch stylist for color experimentation and tasteful head-turning designs, Shay’s portfolio is overflowing with impressive ombres, expert color cover-ups, and mermaid lengths.

Styles: Boho Locs, Marley Twists
General Pricing: $300-$520 for Boho locs. $200-$230 for Marley twists. Hair is included for all styles.
Rating: Unavailable
Booking: Book an appointment via the Blessed Braider site

Mercy Asuelimen

At a Glance

What makes her dope: With remarkable attention to detail, Mercy Asulimen perfects every stitch braid and cornrow style to a tee. In addition to her signature clean parting and frizz-free, polish braids, she also has a YouTube Channel, Mercy’s World, where she shares tips on touching up box braids and creating fast, DIY looks on your new braids at home. Mercy offers men styling as well.

Styles: Spring Twists, Passion Twists, Senegalese Twists, Micro Feedings, Men’s Styles, Stitch Cornrows, Crochet Braids, Knotless Braids,
Booking: Book an appointment via Mercy’s site
General Pricing: $160-$290. Hair is not included. A deposit of $31.50 is required.
Rating: Unavailable

Myriah Nonay

At a Glance

What makes her dope: If you have ever craved smaller parts for a fuller look, Myriah Nonay is your stylist! Aside from her smaller than small knotless braids, Myriah Nonay offers a catered experience by providing braiding hair in her pricing and her namesake collection of hair tools and styling that are available for purchase.

Styles: Smaller than Smalls Knotless Braids, Fulani Braids, Feed-in Braids,
Booking: Book an appointment via Myriah’s website
General Pricing: $160-$25 for knotless braids. $45-$185 for cornrow styles. A $50 deposit is required.
Rating: Unavailable


At a Glance

What makes us dope: Surprise, we’ve finally made it to the nation’s capital! In addition to NYC and LA, our professional, handpicked, and trusted mobile stylists are in the DC area to serve you in the luxury of your own home (Bethesda bagels not included). As purveyors of hair care, ease, and comfort, our hair braiders are skilled in both hair health and design. Broken edges and excessive hair shedding are not what we do. Do you still want to know more? Check out our As Seen in Section. We’ve been featured in Buzzfeed, InStyle, Elle, Hello Giggles, Allure, and more!

Styles: Crochets, Cornrows, Box Braids, Twists, Weave Installs, Two Strand Twists, Knotless Braids, Feed-In Braids. View all our styles here.
Booking: Book an appointment via the Yeluchi website.
General Pricing: Crochets start at $175, Cornrows start at $65, Box Braids start at $200, Knotless Braids start at $225.
Rating: 4 Stars via Google

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