100 Natural Hairstyles to Help You Choose Your Next Look

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Spring is just around the corner and you’re probably thinking about switching up your style, but what to do next? The good news: there are a TON of natural hairstyles to choose from; the bad news: it’s hard to pick just one.

Whether you’re looking for something quick and simple or a little more complicated, here are 100 natural hairstyles to help you pick your next look.

Let’s start off with something simple.

[Oh by the way 👋🏾, if you’re thinking about getting a protective style, our short film, Pretty Shouldn’t Hurt, is a must-watch. Also learn all about safe protective styling here.]

1. The Wash and Go

There are probably a ton different ways to do this style, a hundred different techniques, and a ton of possible outcomes, but this is a staple for any natural. Simply wash, condition, add product (or not), and go. It’s up to you how you style it and changing one thing in the routine can give you brilliant results – or a disastrous outcome (we’ve all been there sis). Here are a few ways naturals on IG are rocking the wash and go.

2. Puffs

These styles are perfect for when that wash and go gets a little too frizzy for your liking, but you’re not ready to commit several hours to detangling and washing. Puffs can be highly styled with laid edges and cuffs, or you can throw your hair up into a puff and go.

3. Two-strand twists

This is my personal go-to for when I’ve done the wash and go and the puff and still am too lazy to do my hair. Two-strand twists can also be used as a great protective style, even if you don’t add extra hair. There are a ton of tutorials on this style, but the basics are wet, moisturize, some sort of gel, and twist. The beauty of this style is, it’s all what you make it. You can go chunky or micro.

4. Twist Outs

This style is the first gauntlet of any natural: perfecting the twist out. The pros will tell you to let the twists fully dry before taking them out, and they’re right. Taking out twists while they’re still damp will cause frizz and after spending a good hour or two on prepping the look, and sleeping carefully in a bonnet overnight, you don’t want to jump the gun on this one.

Pro-tip: When doing twists, start with your hair 85% dry, it will cut down on the time you need to keep them in but with the right product you’ll still get all of the definition.

5. Bantu Knots

A personal fave. Bantu knots can come in a variety of sizes, can be decorated and adorned and are just flat out bad@$$. This is a perfect spring and summer style and will definitely turn heads. With this style, parting is everything, so get as creative as you want!

6. Bantu Knot Outs

You can do this after rocking bantu knots for a while, or you can throw your damp hair in bantu knots, let it dry overnight and take them out. The result is always a stunning ringlet with volume and bounce. Bantu knot outs are great for naturals that are transitioning. You can style the knot out in several different ways and you’ll get a decent amount of wear out of it before you’ll need to wash your hair again.

7. Braid Outs

This style is super versatile and similar to the twist out but gives wildly different results. With braid outs you get a beautiful zig-zag pattern that’s less like a curl and more like a wave. You decide how big or small the wave is by how large your braids are. This is another style that requires a little prep, but you can rock the braids and the braid out for a good two weeks.

8. Afros

Go full-on volume with your curly fro. The afro has long been the standard of natural hairstyles but each year we see bigger, bolder, and more beautiful fros. The style is simple to achieve and will make everyone take notice. It’s the perfect way to showcase your natural hair in all of its voluminous glory.

9. Extension Styles

If you feel like you need a little break from your typical style or just want a no-fuss style that can get you through work these can be your go-to. These styles play off of the various ways we can style our natural hair, but you or a stylist can add hair to kick it up a notch. There’s literally no end to the variations you can do. From your classic box braids, to lemonade braids, cornrows, faux locs, goddess braids, goddess locs, crochet braids, and passion twists – the possibilities are endless.

Want to know how much hair to buy for one of these styles? Check out our Hair Buying Guide.

Now that you’ve gotten a little inspiration. What style are you hoping to rock soon? And remember, no matter what you choose, your natural hair will always be uniquely you so make sure you nurture and celebrate it.

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