12 of the Dopest Box Braids on Pinterest

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Thinking about getting box braids, but need a little nudge to do it? Or maybe you’re not quite sure how to give your braids a touch of cool? Never fret; we’ve picked out 12 of the dopest braids on Pinterest to give you a little inspiration.

Get them thick and accessorize with a hat and statement glasses.


Go for a youthful look with a half-up-half-down top knot.


For something more subtle yet practical, stick with half-up-half-down medium sized braids, but pull the into a bun behind your head.


Wear them sideways. Side sweep your braids into a twist that frames your face or pull them up high into a high side pony tail.


For those a little daring, shave off your sides and flaunt it with big top knot.


Have fun with color and try something deep and dramatic like purple or go for icy white tips.


Better yet, brighten up your own days with a multicolored look.


Or if you’re a no-fuss kinda gal, keep things simple with a classic jumbo bun or simply just let those braids all hang sleekly loose.

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