35 Wedding Styles for Natural Hair 👰🏿

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Searching for the perfect natural hairstyle for your wedding? We understand the planning and the anxiety it might bring! What products to choose from, heat or no heat, added hair or au natural?

As a natural, it’s normal to spend hours, days, or even weeks at a time scrolling through the Internet looking at potential hairstyles to test out. Wedding prep alone can take double or triple that time! That’s what Un-ruly is here for. We’ve curated this inspiring selection of bridal styles (from brides to bridesmaids to flower girls), that can be worn by any natural at any stage of the hair game! (P.S. if you’re looking for a stylist for your big day, check out our mobile styling service).

1.     Bridal Afro’s (big or small)

If you have a ‘fro that you’d like to show in all its glory, or you’d just prefer to stay away from extensions and keep your natural look, regardless of length, there are plenty of stunning accessories that can help decorate your crown without requiring much effort or manipulation at all. You can even just wear your naturally washed curls pinned up in an easy updo adorned with jewels and flowers, or make a statement turning your coils into a perfectly crafted work of art. However you choose to style your natural afro, we’re sure the look will speak volumes! (Check out more afro inspo here).

2. Twist Out or Twisted Updo

With a lot of practice, a lot of diligence and a lot of faith, natural hair can be manipulated with little to no heat. That’s where twist (or braid) outs come in! They’re a great way to achieve defined curls while showing off your natural texture. Rollers or perm rods can help with eliminating potential frizz and setting in the desired curl pattern. You can also make the twists part of your look by creating an elegant twisted updo.

Make sure you double check for any potential weather changes nearing the big day in case you need to come up with a plan B style. In that case, try tossing your tresses up into an updo for an easy, quick fix!

3. Braids or Braided Updo? I Do!

The great thing about braids is that they can be pulled off by those with short or long hair, depending on if you’re willing to use extensions.

Halo braids are a quick and regal look that can stand alone. A simple French braid is another look that can be dressed up with a hair clasp or added hair.

But your hair doesn’t always need an accessory – the braids can speak for themselves! Get creative with braided faux-hawks, cornrow buns, or ponytails!

4. Locs

No matter what length you’re working with, some styles are non-negotiable. Locs, for instance, can be pulled into ponytails, high or low buns, or even just let loose – making a statement all on their own!

If you’re a fan of having locs that are as long as your veil, you can follow the below styles and accentuate the fullness of your look with beads, clasps, or a tiara. Luckily, the size of the loc doesn’t really matter to pull off any of these styles.

5. Wedding Weaves and Silk Presses

Straight, curly, or wavy extensions of any kind can help you achieve the look you want – no limits! You can go for dramatic length, big curls, or a super sleek pixie cut or bob. What’s guaranteed is that you can dance your special night away without worrying about your natural hair reverting from all the heat and sweat!

If you are after the sleek curtains look, perhaps getting a blow-out and silk press is the way to go. Head chains always pair well with this style and the length of hair won’t be much of a concern.

No matter what style you end up choosing, it’s important to wear what’s most comfortable and reflective of who you are. There is no “solution” or “one size fits all” to style natural hair. It all really comes down to what you decide is most chic and fitting for you and the rest of your bridal party!

Photo Credit: @amandadupont
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Ellen Haile

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