4 Ways to Quickly Revitalize Natural Hair

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Hair sometimes goes through phases. Some days or months it’s amazing and other times it’s a bit lifeless and dull. It may be a result of the changing seasons or maybe lifestyle changes may have tripped up your natural hair regimen. Either way, there are a few things you can do, to give your tresses a little love and lift.

Deep Condition

Hot oil and conditioning hair treatments are great ways to revitalize your hair if you’ve been neglecting it or have been manipulating your hair too much. Find yourself low on a bottle? Try out a DYI recipe here, courtesy of resident hair expert and Mizani artist, Reece. Or if you want to give your hair an instant shine, try an oil rinse.

If your hair seems duller than usual, consider co-washing (and cutting back on shampoos that strip your hair of its natural oils) more in order to retain moisture. Check out the video below for a DIY Coconut Oil pre-poo treatment that includes healthy natural oils (avocado, tea-tree, and olive):

Protective Style

If your hair is not what it used to be because of a change in lifestyle–maybe things are super busy at work–perhaps it’s time to tuck your hair away until you can properly give it the TLC it needs. Braids, twists, buns, and weaves! Any style that allows you to tuck and group your hair together is a genius way to maintain length and moisture. This is a great way to avoid constantly washing or manipulating your hair, which could result in breakage or dry hair.


Investing in a good oil or butter (castor, Shea butter, etc.) is a great way to seal in the moisture you have in your hair! Mixing natural oils (jojoba, grape seed, almond, etc.) helps encourage hair growth and also helps to reduce frizz and splitting.


Finger Detangle

If your hair is feeling extra fragile or brittle, make sure you gently detangle with your fingers (vs a comb) while applying moisturizer in order to minimize breakage.

Nikisha of UrbanBushBabes shares her DIY all-natural detangler that also doubles as a leave-in. The ingredients include argon, aloe and rosemary, to name a few.

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Ellen Haile
Ellen Haile

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  1. I love all of these! I just wish I had more time to do them justice! My Deep Conditions, for example, are usually so rushed! I don’t get to let it sit nearly as long as I would like to!

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