5 Black Hairstyles That Will Dominate 2017

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There’s nothing like the start of a new year to make you reflect on the past and look ahead to what may come next. Naturally, in terms of reflecting we’re thinking about what styles were popular last year–crochet braids were all the rage in 2016, and I suspect they’ll continue to be popular this year as well–and we’re thinking about what black hairstyles will trend in 2017. Here are our predictions.

Update: Fulani Braids are all the rage right now. Check out what we have to say about them here.

Wavy Blobs or Lobs (Long Bobs)

They wavy blob has been around for a while, but leave it to Queen Bey to bring more attention to it in her 2013 Drunk in Love video. Since then we’ve been seeing more and more ladies rock this look or a version of it. Most recently, Ocatvia Spencer rocked a wavy blob at the Golden Globes.  What’s great about the look is that it’s the perfect mix of sophistication and fun. It’s the sort of the look that says ‘you’re professional but also kind of fun’–not that the two are mutually exclusive.

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Braided Blobs / Medium Length Braids

Speaking of blobs/lobs, the braided bob and medium length braids were looks that began picking up steam last year (although it was a staple of the nineties) and will likely continue to do so this year. If you want to add a dose of instant-coolness to your look this year, go for the Braided Blob. It has a boho feel to it and tells the world that you’re not pressed about length ;).

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Faux Goddess Locs

A sister to box braids and twists, faux goddess locs have been a rising star on Pinterest and Instagram lately. If you get braids often and feel like switching things up but not too much, goddess locs are a great choice. Their curls add a touch of romance to the overall look–perfect for spring or summer.

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Kinky Blow Outs

I, personally, am loving the kinky blow out, partly because of the look-at-me volume and partly because of the statement it makes about our texture. For so long straight has meant shiny European or Asian straight, and now it’s straight–but not entirely; straight with a kick of kink and volume that lets the world know ‘we here.’

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Big Cornrows with Little Ones

From what I’ve been seeing on Pinterest and Instagram,  my prediction for the style that will absolutely, hands down DOMINATE 2017 is the jumbo cornrows/Ghana braids look. This look has been everywhere as of late. Our “Yeluchi by Un-ruly” stylists in NYC have been doing this look for a ton of our clients. It’s not just jumbo cornrows; it’s jumbo cornrows with really thin cornrows thrown in, giving the look a bit more *umph.* What’s great about it is it’s a relatively fast type of hairstyle to get done or do yourself. It’s of course a protective style, given the braids are not put in too tight. And it’s relatively low maintenance.

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Alright, what say you… agree with my picks for 2017? Disagree? Leave a comment and let me know!


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  1. I would like to get faux goddess locs past my shoulders. I stay in Houston,Texas can you give me some ideas on how & what kind of hair to get.

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