74 Short Nail Ideas for Black girls

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Step aside Cardi B; short nails are having a moment — and a big one at that! From ombré shades to patterns, neutral tones to bright colors, square shapes to round, the choices are endless.

Not only are short nails really cute, they’re also easier to maintain, chip less frequently and are actually a lot more hygienic — it’s harder for dirt and debris to get trapped beneath short nails.

But if that’s not enough to convince you to take a walk on the short side, feast your eyes on  these 74 stunning short nail ideas for Black girls, from our favorite influencers, bloggers and beauty editors…

Short nail ideas from across the web

Patterns galore

Be inspired by these bold, bright and beautiful short nail patterns.

Acrylic short nails

Acrylic nails aren’t just for adding length. Choosing acrylic for your short nail styles means strength and longevity–acrylic nails are renowned for lasting longer, remaining strong and protecting your natural nails. Using acrylics also means having much more flexibility in the shape you choose for your nails. Choose your next set from the gallery below.

Neutral, neutral, neutral

Neutral colors and shades are a stunning choice on short nails. Solid tones ranging from shades of pink to muted browns also compliment Black skin tones perfectly.

Rounded short nails

Rounded tips and short nails are a match made in heaven. These looks will definitely get you excited for your next nail appointment.

French tips

French tips are an absolute classic. They can be worn in any shape and are characterized by the white tips on the edge of the nail. Even though it’s a simple style, it definitely makes an impact, especially on short nails. Check these out.

Short square nails

Not only do square-shaped nails offer durability and longevity, they also look stunning on short nails.

Short summer nails

Add some sunshine with these vibrant styles — solid bright colors and patterns are both equally great choices.

Which of these short nail ideas had you booking that salon appointment?

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