8 Go-To Hairstyles for 4C Hair

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We all have those moments when we have no idea what to do with our hair. Sometimes we’re simply just bored or have forgotten what our options are. Luckily, for our 4C readers, we’ve put together a curated list of go-to hair styles courtesy of Instagram.


For those with a teeny weeny afro (TWA), tapering your ‘fro is a slick way to give it a little edge.

First and second photo: Glammzmore

Wash N’ Go

Wash n’ go’s can be a bit hit or miss with 4C hair, but if you can get the look to work for you, it’s a nice staple to have in your hair style rotation. For tips on WNGs, check out this tutorial.



Color is always a good way to add a little life to your look, whether you want to have more fun or get a little something fiery.


Braided Out

The braid-out is a staple for many naturalistas. Typically lasting for roughly three days, this look gives you locks length and hang by way of stretching out your hair through braids kept over night and taken out the next day. We love vlogger Laila-Jean’s braid-out tutorial.



While your hair’s stretched out via a braid-out or twist-out, vary the look by parting it. Sweep a bunch of it to the side or go straight down the middle.

Picked Out

Picking out your tresses can be a great way to extend the life of a braid-out. As your hair starts to shrink back to its un-stretched state, play up the volume by gently picking out.


Where it Up

Updo’s look good on any texture of hair, but on 4C hair they seem to have a little more spunk. Pile your coils atop your hair or go global with an afro puff.


Finally, for those days when you just can’t be bothered, throw on a hat but leave out a coily bang for a little personality.

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Ellen Haile
Ellen Haile

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