A Place for Black Hair

We inspire your next hairstyle and help you painlessly get it done

Since 2013

For years we’ve accepted that beauty is pain. We’ve accepted taking pain relievers after getting our hair done. We’ve accepted spending all day washing our hair or shelling out hundreds of dollars on products, just to find “the one.”

Unruly rejects these beliefs and challenges the notion that natural hair is inconvenient and hard to manage. Our hair—Black hair, doesn’t have to be so much work or come at a physical cost. As we’ve celebrated the beauty and versatility of Black hair, we’ve found an even deeper purpose—alleviating the pain that comes with caring for it by being a guiding hand through each step.

What started as a humble blog featuring expert advice and hair inspiration, has evolved to include services and products created in response to everything we used to accept. Now we’re not only celebrating our hair, we’re giving shape to an industry that needs to be remolded.

Antonia & Abigail