Afro Inspo from Small to Huge

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By: Morgan Gilliam / Photo Credit: @simply.comfort

Want a hairstyle that evokes freedom, fun, and power with an air of effortless style? Look no further than the afro. The iconic hairstyle has been around for decades, symbolizing Black power and Black prowess. Some of the most iconic figures in female Black history were known for their ‘fro–Angela Davis, Diana Ross, and Erykah Badu just to name a few. The afro is one style all natural girls rock at one time or another, and it never gets old. Whether you’ve got a baby ‘fro or one that could block out the sun, you should always rock your curly or kinky halo proudly. Here are a few pictures to inspire and get you ready to rock your natural hair in all of its curly coily glory.

The Teeny Weeny Afro

Just do a big chop? Or just love the “short hair, don’t care” vibe? Naturalistas with even the shortest hair can make their ‘fro pop. (Pro tip: add some color to your coils – if you end up hating it, no worries it will soon grow out and you can try again if you want to!)

Medium Fro’s

These are the ‘fros that are perfect for those days when your twist out is on its last leg, but you’re not quite ready for wash day. Picking out a wash and go or an old twist out is a great way to get a funky, coily ‘fro that makes a statement. These afros can be super defined or perfectly spherical; the choice is all yours.

Big ‘Fro’s

Ladies, go big or go home! These are the peak of #afrogoals, you can block out your exes, haters, and the sun with a ‘fro this big. These afros take time and effort to perfectly moisturize, fluff, and shape but the work is worth it. The bigger the afro the closer to God. I can go on but I won’t; just look. 


How to Get the Perfect Afro

Are you ready to rock your Afro? You’ll need a good moisturizer, a water bottle, a hair pick, and some patience but the results will be well worth it. Here are a few videos to get you started on your journey to the perfect fro.

An Afro on 4c Hair

A 3c ‘Fro

A Curly 3b ‘Fro

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