Ask an Expert: I Am in My Late 40s and I Am Trying Not to Panic about Hair Loss…

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We’re excited to have Takisha Sturdivant’s healthy hair expertise here to answer your crucial hair concerns. Remember, if you have questions for our experts you can submit them on our submissions page.



My hair is natural. I stopped using relaxers in May 2009. At that point I cut my hair down to about 2 inches long and grew it out from there. Now my hair is below shoulder length and is relatively healthy. However, its pretty wild and usually gets frizzy quickly but my greater concern is that as of late it tangles easily and I wind up shedding more hair than I think I should be. I am in my late 40’s so I am trying not to panic about hair loss or the lack of ability for regrowth that comes with age. Usually, on the surface my hair looks really good, feels good and smells good but as of late, if you try to put your hands through it, you may not be able to get that hand back. Also, to note I’ve been doing my own hair since my teens. I’ve only gone to a salon maybe twice in my life. This means that I do not have a stylist to use as a resource.

The products that I use are as follows: when I relaxed my hair I used Dark and Lovely relaxer, Infusium and Nexxus shampoos and conditioners. During the transition period I used Carol’s Daughter products faithfully. I then evolved to using Wen products and or Giovanni Avocado and Olive Oil shampoos and conditioner, which is what I still use. I occasionally pre-wash with vinegar to rinse out all remnants and the only other item that I use from time to time is coconut oil in an attempt to tame my hair. Over the years I’ve used all kinds of so-called frizz control products but nothing lived up to the hype.

After washing my hair, I generally roll it with plastic rollers and sit under a soft bonnet dryer or let in dry naturally, if time warrants. Once dry, I may blow it out some or run the In-styler through it to smooth and straighten it out some. If I do not do either, it will be extremely curly and even frizzier than normal. I wash it about once a week and usually do not find the need to use curling irons or other heat in between. I may pin curl it in sections, put it in a bun and twirl and pin down the length of it or sometimes wrap it once and a while. I have satin pillow cases that I use to prevent friction while sleeping since I rarely wear a scarf. With that said, this wraps up my routine, covers product usage and the condition of my hair.

Thoughts, advice, suggestions, I’m all ears….


The first thing you should do is find a professional salon to go to on a bi-weekly basis. When you are doing your research and looking for the right salon/stylist make sure that they’re familiar with natural hair. Make an appointment for a consultation, have all of your questions written down so you know what to ask, and if you like what you hear or see, try the stylist out. But most of all stop doing your own hair and leave it up to the professional.

Natural hair is very dry so you have to use right products that are going to moisturize, strengthen and restore the elasticity in the hair. By looking at your picture you have medium to thick hair. So until you find the right hair stylist I suggest you try the Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask under the dryer with heat for 20 minutes. I would also continue using the WEN shampoo because it’s great for natural hair.

Invest in a good powerful blow dryer like a Super Salona with a comb attachment. After you rinse out your conditioner thoroughly, put a dime drop of the Mizani Thermasmooth in the palm of your hand, and rub it throughout your hair evenly. The Thermasmooth is a leave in hair serum that’s going to eliminate the frizz in your hair and smooth it out straight. Then blow dry your hair from wet to dry, and it will add shine, smooth out your hair, and tame your fly always. Get rid of the rollers and bonnet dryer because that isn’t enough heat for your hair. That’s why your hair was fizzing, tangled, and shedding.

Finally make sure you get a trim every six to eight weeks to keep your ends nice and healthy. Also invest in Babyliss Pro Thin Flat Iron. You can not only flat iron your hair but, curl and wave it out as well with this iron. Make sure you drink lots of water and take your hair vitamins.

I hope this helps.


Takisha Sturdivant is a mother of two beautiful boys, a business owner, celebrity hair stylist (notably having styled actress Kerry Washington on several occasions) and world traveler who promotes healthy hair. She grew up doing all her family member’s hair and went to cosmetology school in LIC. She now has her own studio in Brooklyn, NY “Takisha Studio” where she has converted most of her clients from having relaxed hair to natural hair.

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