Ask an Expert: I’d Love to Learn More about Transitioning Kits

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Our expert, celebrity stylist Tymothe Wallace is back to answer another reader’s hair question.

Question:  Hi Tym!  I’m currently transitioning and would love learn more about transitioning kits.  Are they a good investment or a waste of time and money?

Answer:  As you go natural, you may experience extreme breakage due to dryness. Transitioning kits are a great option because they include a series of three (or more) products that work together to keep the scalp hydrated, hair soft, and reduces shedding as you grow out your relaxer.  The main difference between transitioning kits and beauty subscription boxes such as curlBOX is — curlBox caters to women with already-natural, fully transitioned hair and allows them to test out various products to see how they work for their natural hair texture.  Transition kits on the other hand, are specifically created as a relaxed-to-natural hair solution specifically designed for transitioners.  Nonetheless, both contain products that nourish the scalp and keep the hair moisturized.

Transition kits (one of my favorites is the Carol’s Daughter Transitioning Kit) usually contain an organic or sulfate-free shampoo, a strengthening elixir, deep treatment masque and renewing scalp sprays.  They range anywhere from $21-$75 and can be found online or at your local drugstore or beauty supplier.  Organic Shea Butter, Jamaican Mango & Lime, and Jane Carter are other brands that have transitioning kits apart of their product lines.

So to answer your question: if you want a fool-proof way to avoid the extreme breakage experienced during the transitioning process, transitioning kits are a good option to consider because 1.) you spend less by buying all the products together in a kit versus buying them separately and 2.) the products are specially formulated for transitioners so it’s a win/win.

For more information on Tymothe, you can follow him on Twitter @TymWallaceHair. Remember, if you have questions for our experts you can submit them on our submissions page

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