Ask an Expert: I’m on the Verge of Giving into the Creamy Crack

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I’m looking for a natural stylist who can tell me what’s best for my hair, specific to my pH, porosity, density, lack of (or too much) protein, moisture, etc… I’ve tried so many things and I still cant figure out what my hair likes. I believe if I knew more about my hair and hair type I could better choose products. I must be choosing the same type of products, which is a waste of money. I desperately need professional help. I’m on the verge of giving into the creamy crack and living the easy life again. I love being natural its been four trying years. My struggles are frizz and dullness. I’ve also noticed that the frizz may be due to hair breakage. so I recently tried a protein treatment (Aphogee 2-step, as well as the LOC method, and no longer use ECO styler gel). I do twist and braid outs mostly, but I can never achieve 2nd day hair. Therefore I prefer wash and go’s but shrinkage is real. I find myself pulling my hair back in a loose pony, which is not good or just putting on a headband.

Please help!

– Tonya


Since it’s been four years Tonya, you can and should continue to grow your hair out into its natural state. The fist thing you need to do is find a couple of upscale salons, check out the reviews and make an appointment for a consultation to choose the right hair stylist. By looking at the picture of your hair, it looks to me like you’re lacking moisture and need a cut. When your hair is frizzy after a blowout it’s because the ends are dead. On an average you should be getting a trim every 8 to 10 weeks, to get rid of any dead ends and to grow your hair out healthy. With your natural hair you should be using a moisturizing conditioner with heat for at least 20 minutes under a dryer or heating cap every time you get a shampoo. I want you to try the Indigo Moisture Blend Conditioner, it will improve the elasticity in your hair, eliminate the breakage and leave your hair soft and manageable. Remember, what you put into your body comes out so try your best to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. Lastly, when you choose the right stylist ask for a clear rinse, it will help with the dullness of your hair. You have to train your hair to stay smooth like you want it, so see a professional hair stylist every week or two weeks, and stop the twisting and braids for a while.

Let me know how it works out!


Takisha Sturdivant is a mother of two beautiful boys, a business owner, celebrity hair stylist (notably having styled actress Kerry Washington on several occasions) and world traveler who promotes healthy hair. She grew up doing all her family member’s hair and went to cosmetology school in LIC. She now has her own studio in Brooklyn, NY “Takisha Studio” where she has converted most of her clients from having relaxed hair to natural hair.

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