My Hair Meshes When I Wear It in Twists

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Dior Sovoa, a celebrity hairstylist taking the New York scene by storm, joins us to answer your crucial hair concerns. Remember, if you have questions for our experts you can submit them on our submissions page.



Hi there,

I have 4C hair and I usually wear it in a protective style, like two strand twists. I really, really, REALLY want to retain length and have shoulder or bra strap length hair. I’ve always understood that my hair is fragile; hence the protective styling. I try to keep the twists in for three weeks. However, when I take out the two strand twists, I’ve noticed that my hair has started to mesh. This meshing makes detangling harder, decreases my length retention and stunts my hair growth. (Even if I detangle really gently). How do I keep the meshing of my hair to a minimum? Do I use more product/moisturizer, more natural oils? Or should I just not keep the twists in that long?

Please help.




Dear Marilyn,

I must first ask are your twisting your hair while it is wet? If so, that’s not a good idea. Always dry your hair before twisting to prevent tangling and try using Jamaican Black Castor Oil to retain more moisture. Your hair may also need a little tension on it to “force” growth; get cornrows at least once a month.


With almost 20 years of experience Dior has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with. His work can currently be seen on several VH1 hit series including Love and Hip Hop New York, Black Ink Crew and This is Hot 97, as well as ABC’s The View, and BET’s annual award telecasts, Black Girls Rock! and BET Honors.

Connect with Dior: Instagram: @diorsovoa

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