Ask an Expert: What Products Can I Buy for Thinning Hair?

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Our expert, Emmy Award Winning Hairstylist, LaVette Slater takes on another reader’s question.

Question: “What products can I buy for thinning hair and what are tips to help boost hair growth?”


The first step is to determine how your hair is thinning: Is it thinning on the ends? Do you see a lot of hair in the comb every day? Do you see a lot of hair in the comb when the hair is wet? When did it start? Can you see to your scalp? Is it in one area? All these questions are important to find the right treatment.

If your hair is thin on the ends it could be a styling issue. Heat styling everyday and putting the hair in a pony tail when the hair is wet everyday could dry the ends and result in broken and thin hair ends. The remedy for this is to wash, condition and trim your hair. Pin curling and wrapping the hair at night are also great options.

If you find your hair thinning out of nowhere and you normally don’t have thinning hair; you have not changed your diet or are on medication that can cause hair loss, stress can be the issue. Stress can cause hair to become thin and even have bald patches. The good news is that the hair can grow back healthy. Take steps to relieve stress. Talk to a therapist and/or friends, get a massage, go to a spa and take time for yourself.

If your hair is gradually thinning for a long period of time you might be suffering from female/male pattern baldness, a condition caused from aging, genes and hormones. Minoxidil is sometimes prescribed. It helps to keep the hair that you have but if you discontinue usage your hair will start to thin again. You must consult a physician for treatment.

If your hair is thinning in one spot due to pulling or tight hairstyles. You must stop immediately and try new hairstyles that are less stressful.

Vitamins such as D and C are great for the hair, including organic fruits and veggies.

Again – be sure to visit a licensed hairstylist or a physician to determine the reason for hair loss.


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