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The holidays are a time to not work, surround yourself with family and friends, reflect on the year that was and dream about the year that will be. 2014 is a blank slate, so let’s gets ready to leave a big mark on it. To get you pumped about the new year, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite motivational and inspirational posts from this year.


Team Un’ruly

make a big change


what we can all learn from a hair guru

We all make resolutions at the start of each year, but we don’t always follow through. Natural hair super star Taren Guy shares how she made 2013 a year to remember and what we can do to “grow forward.”


quit your job and move to paris, a practical guide for following your dream

I think it’s safe to say that not many people follow their dreams. It’s safe to say that most do what’s practical and comfortable, which is usually not what dreams are made of…


the new rules for dating: stop looking for love

Playing hard to get works. It’s worked on me and for me. But how can you build something real with someone if it’s based on something fake?


resolutions: eliminating excuses and transitioning

Un’ruly contributor & NYC-Based Publicist, Abigail Opiah shares her inspiring journey about moving beyond the roadblocks that have held her back for so long.

read the blueprints


working girl

Sometimes we have to look at our peers and our legends to set benchmarks for how far we go. Throughout this year we’ve profiled beautiful outstanding women who are making waves in their field. We’ve featured a wide range of career women, from ambassadors to TV personalities to Lawyers. Read their stories to help flesh out yours.


is beyoncé an egomaniac?

Or do we all suffer from a fear of greatness? Like her song Ego says, usually she’s humble, but in her recent GQ interview, Beyoncé professed, “I now know that, yes, I am powerful…”


what i learned from mandela

Yesterday, when I heard Nelson Mandela died, I felt not one drop of sadness. Instead I thought, this is the way a life should end.



get money


how to manage your money and get motivated to save

Early in life I learned that it is possible to have everything you want. The key, of course, is having a little patience and coming up with a plan.


before starting a startup, consider these two things

So you’re thinking about becoming the next Steve Jobs? Consider these two things before you start.

touch our hair


you can touch my hair, a short film

In case you missed it or just feel like watching it again, check out the story of the public art exhibit that we held this year and our exploration of the fascination with black hair.



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