10 Fall Hair Ideas From Our Fav Black Celebrities

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Fall means new beginnings, and what better way to refresh your look than with a new ‘do? We scoured the internet (so you don’t have to) to find out which black female celebrities are upping their hair game for the Fall 2018 season. From braids to buns to bold locks, these divas are exploring new hairstyles and putting a spin on the classics. Scroll down to see the latest looks— we’re sure you’ll find at least one to match your vibe.

1. Boho Box Braids: Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz might just be the princess of bohemian style herself. This young celeb isn’t afraid to experiment with style from her wardrobe to her hair. Most recently she’s getting noticed for rocking boho box braids, also known as goddess box braids. Unlike typical box braids, boho braids have a less uniform look with wavy hair added to the ends giving a more whimsical vibe. You’ll find more people wearing boho box braids because of their carefree appeal and the option for a quicker install.

2. Hats on Hats: Janelle Monae

With the recent drop of her latest album, “I am a Dirty Computer,” Janelle Monae can be seen on Instagram trying out new looks like jumbo ponytails and retro afros, but one timely hair accessory she continues to rock is… her hat. The avant-garde musician wears hats in many styles: military, high-fashion, ‘boyish’ and artsy. One of our favorite looks is when Monae posed for the Allure Magazine Freedom Issue wearing not one but four hats, dedicating each to a female member of her family. Follow this passionate popstar for her music, social consciousness and creative fashion sense.

3. Wet and Wavy: Taraji P. Henson

Beyonce popularized the appearance of wet and wavy hair in her 2013 music video “Drunk in Love,” —Since then, the trend has caught on with other celebrities. Take Taraji P. Henson for example: this queen looks like she just stepped out of a steam bath, hair glistening. (Shhh) The secret to this hairstyle is that the hair is not actually wet (anymore at least). Vlogger Makeba uses a full frontal wig, a spray bottle of water, hair oil and Eco Styler Gel to achieve the wet look.

Get a full wet and wild style tutorial from Makeba here:

4. Regal Rope Twist: Issa Rae

Issa Rae, actress, director and producer of the hit HBO TV series Insecure seems to be doing it all right now. We couldn’t help but notice her evolving image and hairstyles on the show and in real life. From fros to cornrows, Issa Rae is becoming a trend-setter for black hair, empowering black women to be bold and versatile with their locks. One of our favorite looks is the rope twist, sported by Rae. A thick twist is wrapped and secured on top of the head, then twisted down the back of the head and pinned or left hanging. The rich brown color reminds us of why we love Fall so much… and black women.

5. Blonde Braids: Solange

Bleach blonde hair continues to make a ‘90s comeback so it comes as no surprise that blonde braids in various styles are this season’s hot look. Once again Solange amazes us with her daring and funky fashion sense from hair to clothing. See here how she styled her bleach blonde braids in chunky, asymmetrical cornrows. Try the bleached-out look with box braids, dreads, cornrows or twists— a look that screams Afro Punk.

Pro tip: Thinking to go platinum for the first time? Try bleached braids first and see if you like the style on yourself. Your natural hair will thank you.

6. Bangin’ Bob: Gabrielle Union-Wade

One celebrity with staying power is definitely Gabrielle Union. From her early days starring in “Bring it On” to more recently “Being Mary Jane,” Gabriel continues to wow us on screen, and her hair is no different. Although Union-Wade has worn just about every hairstyle out there, the natural bob was a first for her. She famously chopped off her locks this past summer and was quoted on Instagram saying “1st time I’ve ever significantly cut my own hair in my life and I love it!!!” So don’t be afraid to mix it up y’all. Try styling your bob with a deep side part and few razor-sharp ends, like the starlet herself.

7. Beautiful Bangs & Buns: Meghan Markle

Being the Duchess of Sussex means being on top of your game pretty much 24/7, but Meghan Markle still manages to pull off a down-to-earth look. People across the world admire Meghan’s effortless, conservative style, appropriate for every occasion. Markle is often seen sporting a low bun with loosely curled bangs swept across her face or tucked behind her ears. This style is perfect for job interviews, meetings, networking meetups, or any event that calls for a simple, polished look. Trust us, you’ll be fit to meet the queen.

8. Super Sleek Ponytail: Zendaya

Zendaya is well known for hot and trendy hairstyles. Fans can catch the former Disney star gracing the red carpet with new tresses on almost every occasion. We chose to highlight Zendaya’s super sleek ponytail because it’s classic, chic and easy to style. Achieve this look by starting with a deep middle part (for added drama), then sleek the hair back using a round bristle brush, pulling it into a tight ponytail. Finish the look with a combination of hairspray and Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control (for 3A – 4C hair types) — we’ve got you covered.

9. Faux ‘Fro: Kelly Rowland

If we had to name a defining look of the Fall 2018 season, the faux fro would be it. With the booming popularity of the natural hair movement, women are finding new ways to get the natural look, with a little help. You can catch Kelly Rowland on The Voice Australia rocking an oversized curly-afro that seemingly puffed-up overnight. Thanks to natural-looking hair extension clip-ins, companies like Big Hair No Care, created by our friend Freddie Harrel, allow you to get Kelly’s look, for less.

10. Daring Dreads: Erykah Badu

Known for her sultry sound and eclectic style, Erykah Badu is not afraid to take fashion risks. The “Love of My Life,” singer has always experimented with hairstyles from afro puffs to African headwraps. Take a look at these atypical dreads, chunky and locking in various places. This non-conforming style lends itself to artists and musicians who can play with style in a creative environment. It may not be for everyone, but for ladies who want a bold look for the upcoming season, this may just be for you!

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