Black Girls and Mullets, a Match Made in Heaven

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We know what you’re thinking… Mullets? Really? The answer is yes.  The classic 80s style has made an unexpected come-back and has been rebranded for the social media era. You’d be forgiven for thinking of Billy Ray Cyrus or Charlie Sheen when we say mullets, but Black women have been gravitating towards mullets for the last few years now.

Edgy, cool and adventurous, a mullet is styled so that the hair is cut short on the front, sides and top, and left long at the back. The style is insanely versatile and we’ve seen Black girls rocking mullets with curly hair, braids, wigs, weaves and silk pressed hair. 

This generation has found a way to make it cool again, and I love that. 

Take it from the expert!

NYC hair stylist and mullet extraordinaire Jah’Maica Cherise has been crafting and sculpting  stunning, creative mullets for clients for years. She gives us the lowdown on why this innovative style is having a moment.

Why do you think mullets are becoming so popular?
I feel like mullets are becoming so popular again because of how funky, cool, and edgy the style is. If you notice, styles from earlier eras are now resurfacing into the styles and trends we see today. This generation has found a way to make it cool again, and I love that. 

Why should someone give a mullet a go?
I feel like everyone should try something different at least once in their life. Trying something different can give you a boost of confidence, and who doesn’t need that? This style will without a doubt set you apart. Wearing a mullet makes me feel so cool, different and fly, kind of like a unicorn! Lol

Are there any benefits?
It’s an inclusive hairstyle, literally any hair pattern or texture can wear this style. Whether it’s your actual hair or a quick weave, anyone can rock it! It’s also a low maintenance hairstyle, once it’s cut and curled you can literally just wake up and go.  

Check out Jah’Maica’s stunning work on Instagram.

Black women have taken the style and completely transformed it into something stylish! If you need any more convincing, check out our gallery below for stylish mullet styles from all across the Internet. 

So, have we convinced you to give mullets a go?

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Kristen Bingle
Kristen Bingle

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