6 Black Girls on Insta That’ll Make You Want Bleached Eyebrows

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By: Essence Lopez | Photo: @bbygxrnet

Feeling confident can transform you in ways you can’t even imagine. And feeling distinct is one way to build confidence. Luckily, distinguishing your look can be done with one of your most simple (yet prominent) features. Instead of perfectly manicured bushy ‘brows, why not try bleached eyebrows?!? A look that many dare not try, it’s either a fashion disaster or your new fashion statement. Down below are women of color who have embraced bleach eyebrows and slay!

Instagrammer @felahvoltaire took bleached eyebrows and paired them with a chic blazer for an edgy business casual look. I love the way her ‘brows draw us to her eyes, commanding our attention–a must for conquering the corporate world!

@camila_anac is in all white everything–eyebrows included, bringing attention to her exotic winged eyeliner. This shimmery shade adds an extra highlight, accentuating her features.

Now, I could dive into how sexy this look is, where dominatrix meets housewife but instead I’ll talk about her eyebrows. @blackmoonshining’s ‘brows aren’t the typical bleached tone. They’ve gone as far as becoming a creamy white. It’s much more bold than your average brow, a real statement look.

This is probably my personal favorite. I love the way @anjieluvsyou matched her brows with her hair–a perfect shade that accentuates not only her glowy skin tone but her fun tie-dye V-neck. She did this amazing bleached eyebrow effect and turned it into casually stylish everyday wear.

I could chat about this amazing background, but I’d rather keep our eyes on the subject of the photo. @not_yourself not only has exquisite sartorial taste but she also proves her bleached eyebrows are a part of the look, not the center of it. They add style while not taking any attention away from her overall appearance.

If you’re ready to take on this look and feel as bold as these beautiful women, then go for it. Allure’s got a great how-to on bleaching your ‘brows. And if you’re not ready to make that big of a commitment, below’s a tutorial on how to fake the look!

Here’s the finished look:

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