Three Ways to Create a Box Braid (or Twists) Bun

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Okay so it’s summer and you’ve got a fresh head of box braids, Senegalese twists or Marley braids in. Now you can sport that huge high bun you see all the #WCWs sporting on Instagram. Little do you know that those big buns aren’t as easy to assemble as they might seem. If you’re like many, your braids or twists are mid-back to butt length, meaning you’ve got a lot of hair to pile up on your head. Not to worry. We’ve selected three pros to show you how to get your braided or twisted buns on fleek!

1. Just Twist & Turn

If your braids aren’t too thick or voluminous you might be able to get away with bunning the old fashion way, like Stephanie Andréa by twisting and wrapping a high pony tail into a bun.

2. Split & Twist!

Or you can be like vlogger Khadijat and tie your hair with a hair ribbon, split it in two and twist!

3. Split, Braid & Wrap

Or make sure every braid is kept in place by and splitting your high-pone in two then braiding each section before wrapping them around each other into a bun.


For those of you on the creative side…

… create a bun by making several mini buns or ‘flower buns.’ as shown below.

…or double up like vlogger, MissJoyceMD does with a double decker bun.

How do you create your bun? Share your tips in the comments!

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