Seven Box Braid Color Ideas We Dare You To Try

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Feeling a little bored with your hair lately? Well there’s nothing like adding a bit of color to shake things up. Permanently dying your hair a new color is an often taken approach, but not all of us are down for that kind of commitment. Luckily, adding color to your hair via box braids is a non-chemical, non-permanent way to have fun with hair colors. And given that there’s no commitment, you can be a bit daring with the colors you choose. We’ve rounded up seven non-traditional hair color ideas for your next set of box braids. For more box braid hairspiration, check out our guide to choosing your next set of box braids.

#1 A Pink and Purple Ombre

box braid color ideas purple pink ombre

#2 Cotton Candy Pink

box braid color ideas pink

#3 A couple of bright blue highlights.

box braid color ideas blue highlight

#4 All the way blue
box braid color ideas blue


#5 If you’re feeling verdant, green might be more your speed.

box braid color ideas aqua


#6 Perhaps, something a bit more subtle, in which case grey is what you’re looking for.

box braid color ideas grey


#7 Too hard to choose? Do them all!

box braid color ideas multi colored

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