Three Ways to Bling Out Your Box Braids With Jewelry

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Box braids are practical. They can be dope; they can be glam. And they can fall somewhere in between. With box braids being a mainstay in most people’s hair rotation, we’re always looking for ways to spruce them up a little. They’re tons of ways to style box braids, but instead of looking at the different looks we can concoct just by twisting and tying them, we looked at how we can adorn them, specifically how we can bling them out with a little hair jewelry. (Check out all our content on box braids here and this in-depth post on Fulani Braids).

Turn a gold chain into a crown.

Or go out and by a chain head piece. Forever 21’s got a few options for as low as $4!

Get elaborate and put several (cheap) rings around your braids.


Or throw just a few rings on them.

If you’re feeling a little crafty, you can always make your own.

Where to Get Braid Jewelry

Your local beauty supply store is likely a good place to look when shopping around for hair jewelry, or if you don’t mind waiting a little for your goodies to be shipped, you can always hit up Etsy. LovableTreasures on Etsy has lots to choose from, from classic cowry shells to ornate bronze, copper and gold pieces.

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