All The Inspo You Need For Your Coi Leray Braids

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Chunky, curly and cool, Coi Leray braids are the new go-to, protective style. They’re a play on the classic knotless braids style, but they’re chunky in size, have curly ends, and can come in different lengths. Inspired by rapper Coi Leray, this braided style is taking the Internet by storm with Black women adding their own spin to the look. Another element that makes this style unique is the use of bands at the end of the braid to enhance the curly ends. The style usually consists of 16 braids, eight on each side, but you can switch it up and make it your own. 

When installing your braids, you can follow the exact same process as with knotless braids. The curl at the end of the braid is achieved by wrapping the ends of the hair around a perm rod or flexi-rod and allowing it to dry naturally, (or using a gentle heat setting on your hair dryer). You can also refer to our handy protective style guide for advice on how to maintain and remove your Coi Leray braids. If you want some guidance on what hair to use for this style, we’ve got this article, plus this post on how much hair you should actually buy for your protective style.  

Short And Sweet


Medium Length


Long And Luscious


Chunky Braids


Color On Color

Installing Your Coi Leray Braids

Check out this great tutorial from Ambre Renee… 

Or this tutorial by Kinzie Rae…

So, will Coi Leray braids be your next protective style? And how will you be rocking them? Let us know in the comments and share your look with us on Instagram, with #hairunruled. 

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