winter blues: 6 dos and don’ts of cold weather hair care

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Are dry, split ends plaguing your winter cool? Revive your tresses with our eight foul-proof, essential rules to cold weather hair care survival!

rule 1: go heavy!

Warm, insulated air may make for toasty evenings indoors but can also be the number one culprit for parched, breaking tresses. The solution? Heavy moisture retentive sealants such as olive, castor and avocado oils. These natural wonders maximize your best moisturizer’s hold for days at a time, in turn, warding off potential breakage and shedding.

Un’ruly Tip: Remember that not all oils are created equally. Lighter oils comparable to the coconut, grape and jojoba varieties perform best when coupled with naturally humid temperatures.

rule 2: embrace the silk lining

Cozy knits are an absolute necessity whilst battling sub-temperature winds, however the harsh texture of wool and cotton have been proven to be detrimental to hair health. Avoid the mayhem by sewing an old silk scarf on the inside of hats and headwear, as its smoother surface dramatically lessens friction, averting thinning and breakage.

Un’ruly Tip: Whether hidden under a sleek covering or not, dangling ends can still fall prey to plush scarves and sweaters. Dodge cascading styled hair dos at all costs with a quick pin up ‘do.

rule 3: trim > snap

Escape the nightmare of wispy, split ends with regularly scheduled trims. This will minimize damage starting from the tip, encouraging stronger, longer hair by literally cutting the dead weight.

Un’ruly Tip: Always opt for professional sheers as it guarantees a clean finish!

Image via GQ
Image via GQ

rule 4: pump up the volume

Like the body, hair craves necessary nutrients and without it will fall limp and lifeless. Treat your tresses with the resurgence it desires by stocking up on super foods, such as kale, chia seeds and salmon. Check out vitamin enriched foods and how they encourage healthier locks here.

Un’ruly Tip: Moisturize from the inside out by meeting a suggested eight cups of water a day!

rule 5: say no to the wash n go

Frigid air is never forgiving to wet hair as it inevitable snaps, crackles and pops strand after strand. Beat the harsh elements at their own game by electing for protective styling, i.e. braids, twists, buns, sew ins and/or wigs as a seasonal go-to.

Un’ruly Tip: Braid and twists outs are a great option as well, as long as hair has completely dried before heading out.

rule 6: change the game!

Hair regimens should come and go, as quickly as the seasons. Treat your ringlets accordingly by opting for moisturizing, shampoo washes and doubling deep conditioning treatments. An imperative factor to wintry weather survival, deep conditioners and sulfate-free shampoos blast dry curls with an extra boost of moisture, maintaining a healthy body and shine.

Un’ruly Tip: Seal raised cuticles and maximize moisture intake by rinsing hair with cooler water temperatures.

How are you changing your regimen this winter? Tell us in the comments below!

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