Stay Cool With These Hot Cornrow Styles

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By: Marian Nimoh | Photo: @MissEnocha

Summer is finally here and it’s HOT. So hot that wigs and weaves aren’t cutting it. Now’s the perfect time to try cornrows. They protect your natural hair from breakage and too much fiddling, while eliminating the need to style your hair every morning, saving you time. Plus, their a great option for keeping cool during long summer days and humid nights. Here are some hot but cool cornrow styles to level up your look.

Feed-in Cornrows

Also known as invisible braids, feed-in cornrows are created by gradually adding extensions into your natural hair, creating a braid that’s narrow to start and slightly bigger as it progresses. These braids can be worn in tons of different ways and sizes, and they ultimately give you a sleek look. You can add color or spice it up with some colorful jewelry

Lemonade Braids

We all remember where we were when Beyoncé dropped her album, Lemonade and swung those 30+ inch long blond cornrows while doing donuts in an old school car. Her side-swept braids quickly became the go-to style for that summer and their popularity hasn’t faded since. Lemonade braids are the perfect summer style for riding around in parking lots or busting out the windows of a car (kidding 😆). 

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Two-Layered Braids

Winter isn’t the only season for layers. Two-layered braids are the latest way to spice up your braid game, especially if you can’t decide if you want cornrows or box braids, or if you’re not up for the long hours it takes to get the later. Get them long, or if you want to stay extra cool try a shoulder length version.

Still not sure what style to get next? We gotchu: more cornrow options here, 100 natural hairstyles here, 83 box braid photos here. 😎 Let us know what style you choose! Tell us in the comments or @ us in Insta.

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