Crochet Braids in Five Colors with Sadora Paris

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One of the great things about hair extensions, like crochet braids, is that they allow you to experiment with color without putting any permanent chemicals in your own hair. Vlogger and hair stylist Sadora Paris has been hip to this fact for a while now, and has played around with so many hair colors that she’d make a rainbow jealous. We’ve rounded up some of her colorful crochet braid tutorials. Enjoy. (By the way, if you like this, maybe you’ll like our in-depth post on bantu knot outs on different lengths and texturess).

Curly Crochet Braids w/ Light Brown Kanekalon Hair

Here she uses 3 – 4 packs of Kanekalon hair in color #27.  She curls the hair by wrapping them around flexirods first then puts them in hot water. She then unravels them when dry and installs using the crochet method. (If you’re not familiar with crochet braids, we’ve created an extensive guide). Once she’s done installing, she trims the hair to polish up the look.

Ombré Blue Crochet Braids

Paris uses pre-twisted blue hair to create this next looks. She crochets the hair in while it’s still twisted, then unravels after it’s installed. She twists her leave-out into the blue hair. Then uses a non-permanent hairspray in jet black to blend her hair into the extensions and give it a more ombré look.

A Bright Red Bob

This time the fun stylist goes for a fun bright red bob. This tutorial is for anyone that’s not afraid to pick up a pair of shears. Sadora crochets her entire head (and not just the hairline) using the invisible knot method, saying the hair lays better this way. She tapers the ends of her hair by cutting in an upward v-shape. Heads up, this way of cutting takes a little practice, so don’t go crazy. In the back, she cuts down the hair strand but doesn’t snip the scissors all the way, just half way.

Here she uses six packs of burgundy Havana Mambo hair in 22 inches. Like in the video above, she sprayed the hair with semi-permanent hair spray for ombré look.

A Teal Ombré

Sadora does another ombré look, this time in teal. Here she uses six packs of straight Kanekalon hair. She curls the hair using flexirods before installing it and dips them in hot water to set the curl. She then blow dries them dry. Installs and trims.

Brown Caribbean Bounce Curl

Finally, in her most subtle color Sadora rocks some bouncy Caribbean curls win color 33, a light brown. This look only took four packs of hair.

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