Your Ultimate Guide for Buying Crochet Passion Twist Hair

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Want a quick and easy install in three hours or less? Want to rock one of the most popular trendy protective styles we’ve seen this year? Want to do it YOURSELF? We’ve got you covered.

Thanks to the crochet method, you no longer have to spend hours painstakingly installing individual passion twists (also known as spring twists). Now, it’s as simple as braiding your hair in cornrows or parting your hair into sections and using a crochet hook to install pre-twisted passion twists. Now, you probably want to know what hair to buy for these passion twists and if you can get it online.

We’ve compiled five online hair brands that will give you the look you want in half the time; and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get the hair delivered to your door within two days max!

Note: Many of these come as pre-twisted passion twist crochet hair but can be unraveled depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.


Pros: Soft, no allergic reaction, easy to separate/very few tangles

IncreeseMyPiece did a traditional crochet braid pattern and used Toyotress Tiana Passion Twist Hair.
Time: One hour!
Packs used: 7.5 (one order contains 8 packs, a crochet needle, rubber bands, and decorative cuffs)

1nOnlyCash used a different method, which takes longer. She sectioned her hair instead of doing cornrows. She used Toyotress Passion Twist Crochet Hair.
Packs used: 3.5 packs (one order contains 6 packs, a crochet needle, rubber bands, and decorative cuffs)


Pros: Soft, lightweight, pre-twisted twists look very natural

Poetic Angel did the traditional crochet method with Leeven 22inch Pretwisted Passion Twist Crochet Hair.
Packs used: 5 (order comes with 6 packs, crochet needle, and cuffs)

BeautyWithTy used the rubberband method with Leeven 22inch Pretwisted Passion Twist Crochet Hair. She added extra length at the 4:05 mark.
Packs used: all 6 in the order
Time: 4.5 hours


Pros: Lightweight, no smell, no need to pre-wash
Con: each pack doesn’t contain much hair

DeneenJBeeBeauty has a really in-depth review of the FQNing (she pronounces it “fu-chee-ing”) Spring Twist Crochet Hair. The only con DeneenJBeeBeauty mentioned is that the ends do matte-up a little bit but adding oil sheen helps.
Packs used: 9.5 (she bought 2 boxes, contain 6 packs each, but wanted a really full look)


Pros: Soft, Nice sheen, twists are pretty full
Cons: Decent amount of shedding, loops are very tiny

Keke J put her hair in individual twists and used the Dansama Passion Twist Crochet Hair Extensions. Keke does say the hair sheds quite a bit, and they can unravel a little and tangle.

Packs used: 6 (one order comes with 7 packs, a crochet needle, rubberbands, and cuffs)
Time: 6 hours (mostly on parting and twisting her own hair)

Here’s what they looked like after 3.5 weeks:

And, last but not least, MissExclusive4 did a three-part review showing how the Dansama hair held up during a month of wear. She warns if you unravel the hair and do individual twists, it will change the pattern of the hair causing it to tangle more easily. Above is her review of the hair after the install. Here’s her review two weeks in, and then one month later.

Beyond Beauty

Pros: Very soft, fluffy
Cons: Tangles easily[/ts_one_half] [/ts_row]

Tawanda Rashael has a really in-depth review featuring two ways to install Beyond Beauty Spring Twist Ombre Crochet Braids using the traditional crochet method.
Packs used: 6 packs (link only sells 3 packs)

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