Curly Crochet Hair with Bangs, This Style is 🔥

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I think I’m going to go ahead and just claim it… this curly crochet hairstyle is THEEEE hairstyle of winter 2019. It’s just SO. CUTE. I’ve been loving ‘fros with bangs for a while now but there’s something about this iteration of it that seems to stand out. Maybe it’s the size of the curls. But also the fact that anyone can rock it because it’s done with the crochet method.

The Perfect Winter Natural Hairstyle

I’m declaring this hairstyle a good winter style just because it looks warm 😉😎. It’s a crochet “braids” style done with curly crochet hair and no leave-out, so it’s fully protective.

Curly Crochet Hair

Sometime ago crochet hair options were slim. But these days there are tons of crochet hair options with the hair even coming pre-looped.  I’m currently forgetting the name of the one used in the video by our mobile hair stylist, Latanya; but we got it at a local beauty supply store. Will pop back in to the shop and will update this post with the name. If you find something similar at your local beauty supply store, you’ll need about 3-4 packs depending on your desired fullness; you may want to get an extra pack in case you mess up while cutting.

How to Do It

You can get this style done by a stylist, especially one of our stylists via our mobile hairstyling platform, Yeluchi by Un-ruly(shameless plug) or you can DIY if you have the patience, arm strength and aren’t afraid to cut hair. The video goes a bit fast because #attentionspans.

But the basic steps are:

  1. Cornrow your hair according to the braiding pattern shown at 00:25 in the video. Note the horizontal cornrows in the front of the hair that form a zig-zag. Those are for the bangs.
  2. Begin crocheting the curly crochet hair using the general method. Detailed crochet braids step-by-step here. Crochet from back to front. By the time you reach the two horizontal cornrows in the front, be prepared to look like Cousin It for a while. (You may want to get help at this point.)
  3. Once you’ve got all the hair in, you can start cutting! Be sure to use shears and not any old pair of scissors. If you’re nervous about cutting, don’t be. You’re cutting added hair, so you don’t have much to lose. If you mess up, you can always just take out the messed up bits and replace them with the safety pack of hair you purchased.
  4. Some tips on cutting:
    1. Make it easy for yourself to see by cutting the hair in the very center of your face. You can cut as high as right above your eyes, but below your eyebrows.
    2. After you get that out of the way, and you can see, take your time refining the cut and trim a little bit of hair at a time until it’s the right length.
    3. Cut the hair that frames your hair in a sort of cascading manner, like Tiffany does at around 00:58 of the video.
    4. Cut off any flyaways until your satisfied, and voila!

Products used, courtesy of Jane Carter Solution:

Enjoy the 💣bombest💣 hairstyle of Winter 2019!!!

P.S. If you’d like to know how to maintain crochet braids, read here.

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