Stand-Out Style: Double French Braids (Video)

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The double French braid is one of our stand-out styles this week. A simple French braid on its own is timeless but two takes things up a notch in a subtle way. Doubling as a protective style, this look can be sleek, chic or rebellious, yet a completely effortless timesaver.

Un-ruly tips:

  • Pair your braids with a jeweled headpiece for a more stylish look.
  • Create a bold look, like our inspiration below, with colorful eye shadow and a dramatic eyeliner.
  • Add even more drama with length: throw in some extensions to create two super long braids.

Although this look is relatively easy to do, it never hurts to get a little help. Check out vlogger Jadoremycurls‘ tutorial.

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Ellen Haile
Ellen Haile

My hair falls between the 4A to 4C category, so I’m always looking for the best manageable styles. I live for big, stretched hair, so I often keep it blow dried and call it a day.

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