Extreme Ponytails That Will Leave You Breathless

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By: Portia Cole | Photo: @narstarr

Ponytails. There typically isn’t much excitement when you put your hair into one, and the style usually isn’t something you need a tutorial for. However, after seeing singer Alicia Keys, sporting a super long, pearl-laced ponytail in UK Glamour’s Autumn/Winter 2020 issue (the singer has also been having fun with lights in her hair), it got me thinking… are ponytails evolving? Could there be more to the hairstyle than a hair tie and some bobby pins? After some digging, I discovered that the answer is: absolutely!

Stylists are coming up with unique and creative ways to push this style to new levels. Instagram hair braiding guru @1naebraids, placed beautiful blue flowers throughout a thickly braided low petal pony. While @braidedbytee and @stylesbymoo play with gold thread and intricate plaiting. Some artists are even including large jewelry in their ponytails. And with folks like Instagram hair guru, @leeci_lays_hair aka “the ponytail killa,” creating beautiful ponytails, there is no question that the style is becoming more than just a 15-second I’m-running-late hairstyle.

Take a peek at these intricate designs to get all the inspiration you need to create your own extreme pony. From ornate sleek ponytails to jumbo 5-strand ponytails, there’s something for everyone.

If these incredible ponytails inspire you recreate on of your own, you’ll likely need a little help. Don’t stress; we’ve got you covered and found three tutorials to get you started!

5-Strand Braided Ponytail

YouTuber and hair stylist Bray aka DOPEaxxPANA admits that this tutorial was her first time doing a 5-strand braided pony, although you can’t tell based on the finished product. She begins her very sleek pony by straightening the hair first (the magic behind every sleek pony we’ve seen) and sleeking the hair down by molding it with a holding product, Got2b Freeze Spray. She sections off her client’s hair as she applies the product and gently combs it down while blow drying. Next, she styles her client’s baby hair with edge control and more freeze spray before securing the hair. Finally, the ponytail hair is attached for the 5-strand braid, making sure her client’s hair is underneath the braiding hair.

The 5-strand braid is created by smoothing her hair into the braiding hair, sectioning off 5 strands of hair and taking the piece that is on the outside of each end and crossing it over and under the middle strand.

High Petal Braided Ponytail

Meeka from the YouTube channel Diary Of A Hairstylist created a high petal braided ponytail on short blow dried hair. She’s another stylist who decided to try something different and the results were pretty amazing. She starts off by straightening her client’s hair (notice the theme here?). She uses beeswax to lay the hair down because gel has a tendency to revert hair back to its natural state due to its water content. The petal braid is created by attaching Kanekalon braiding hair to her client’s hair and braiding it loosely. When Meeka gets to the end of the braid, she starts gently pulling the hair out, creating petals.

Bohemian Braided Ponytail

Candice Jones may not be a professional stylist, but she sure played the part when she created this bohemian braided ponytail. Starting on freshly washed hair, she applies TGIN Hair Food and brushes it through. Next, she brushes her hair back with her Denman brush, making sure all tangles are out of her hair. Taking her Eco Styler Gel, she sleeks her hair back before using an oversized ponytail holder to secure her hair. Finally, Candice puts her hair in a small bun and attaches bohemian curl crochet hair before braiding it. Although she didn’t straighten her hair prior to creating her ponytail, her look still came out just as sleek!

Alright, so which of these amazing styles are you going to try? Let us know in the comments!

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