The Faux Tapered ‘Fro at Three Lengths

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We know, we know, you’re a commitment-phobe when it comes to your hair. You loath having to even trim your hair so the thought of cutting it is out of the question. But you’ve often admired the edginess of a tapered TWA and wondered how it might look on you. Well, there’s a way to get the tapered look without picking up a scissors. We’ve rounded up a few tutorials (each girl has a different hair length ) on how to create a faux tapered ‘fro. You’ll see that the key here is creating small curls and flattening your hair where you want it to appear shorter and fluffing the top part of your hair to make it bigger.

The Faux Tapered ‘Fro on Medium Length Hair

Vlogger askpRoy has pretty long hair but fakes a shorter do by curling her hair with three different sizes of perm rods. She creates the look on freshly washed hair. She parts her hair from ear to ear, detangles in sections, then twists. She uses the smallest perm rods on the back hair. Then moves onto the front section where she curls her two thirds of her hair with big perm rods. As she curls she detangles, moisturizes and twists the hair.

In the top section she rolls the perm rod only halfway up the section of hair she’s curling and not to the root. When she gets to the middle section, she switches to medium rollers. As she did before, she detangles, moisturizes and twists the hair as she curls, but this time she rolls to the root (like she did in the back). You can let your hair air dry or dry it under a hooded dryer. Take out the perm rods when your hair is dry. Make sure the front has volume and the back is kind of flat. askpRoy likes to put a scarf over the back of her hair to make sure hair it sits against the scalp.  She also uses bobby pins to pin the hair in the back to the scalp, for an extra tapered look.

A Tapered Cut Without Scissors on Short-ish Hair

Elise of the TwinGoddesses YouTube channel created a faux tapered look in a similar way as askpRoy. She washed, detangled, conditioned and steamed her hair, then added a leave-in. She curls her hair using perm rods but doesn’t twist them like askpRoy does until she gets to the front section of her hair. She too wraps her hair to make the curls in the back more compact, then she picks out the front.

Faux Tapered TWA on a TWA

Vlogger Traeh creates a faux tapered Teeny Weeny Afro on her TWA, using the same principles as the ladies above. But unlike the the girls above, she can skip the curling part. She adds a part to her because that’s how she wants it styled, fluffs up the front by gently tugging on it. Then uses a scarf to flatten the back section of her hair.

There you have it! Tapered ‘fros with know cutting woes, lol.

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