Feeding Twins and Scheduling Self-Care | Grace

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Grace never envisioned herself as a mom, so becoming the mother of twins was more than unexpected. “I think finding the humor and the joy in all of the madness is really the best we can do,” she muses. Grace talks self-care but also shares an incredible mealtime hack she used when her little ones were transitioning to solids.


About Mom Cuts

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Whoever said there are no shortcuts to success clearly wasn’t a mom, because to us, success is a little time saved, a meal not thrown away, a tantrum evaded or just a little less guilt. Join six moms in our new series, “Mom Cuts,” as they take a little “me time” in our stylist’s chair, and dish on the workarounds they’ve found make life easier.

We created Mom Cuts to treat a few moms to a little self-care with the hope that thousands (maybe even millions ;-)) of moms watching their stories might find themselves quietly or loudly nodding their heads in agreement, saying “yes, girl” or “that’s so me.” We know that there’s power in seeing yourself in someone else’s story and not feeling alone. Mom Cuts is our labor of love to Black moms and it wouldn’t have been made possible without the support of Gerber, whose mission to do ‘anything for baby’ means doing anything for parents, too.

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