Four Ways to Wear Bantu Knots – Festival Style, Date Night, Work & Wedding

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Photographer: Alexi Reibman, Makeup: Brionna Jones, Hair: Akeesha Edwards, Models: Christiana Greene, Niasia Palar, Stylist: Chadette Maragh

We’re so into bantu knots right now. More and more, this look is not just being worn at night as a way to curl your hair (see our in-depth post on bantu knot outs broken down by texture and hair length), but it’s a style in its own right. Singer Rihanna made news when she rocked bantus at the I Heart Radio awards in 2014. She sported them with an overall gothic ‘edgy’ look, with blue/black lipstick to boot. You’ll also see this look flood the boho-punk crowd of AfroPunk Fest, but you don’t have to channel your inner goth or bohemian spirit to rock bantus. Bantus can actually be worn to work, on a chic date or even on your big day.

Festival Style – A Bantu Faux Hawk


So, before diverting from what we’re use to seeing when it comes to bantu knots, we thought we’d get extra edgy with them and put four medium sized knots into a faux hawk for a British-punk-meets-Afropunk look. This ‘do is topped off with a little bit of lace and a deep dark purple lip.

Bantu Knots at Work – Half-Up-Half-Down


If you think about it, bantu knots are a pretty sleek look, especially if you slick down your edges. They are, in a sense, several small buns, and buns have been a workplace staple for ages. Here Christiana rocks them in a half-up-half-down look, with the bottom half of her hair blown out, giving her the best of both worlds… think: ‘business up front, party in the back ;-)”.

Date Night Bantus – Two Big Buns


Speaking of buns, here Niasia, rocks two big bantus for a sweet girly look. What’s great about these is they take a whole lot less time to create, and when you take them down (if you’re hair is long) you’ll end up with big billowy waves. (More on bantu knot outs here).

Our Bantu Bride


And finally, for all our untraditional millennials out there that might be taking a note from Solange’s wedding day, bantu knots can be the perfect way to keep your hair off your mind while you’re enjoying your big day. Here Christiana wears them traditionally–several small bantus–but topped things off with a gold leaf crown.

Alright ladies, tell us what you think! Which one of these looks will you be rocking next and where?

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