Free Fall for Free Form Locs

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In the consumer crazed arena that is the beauty industry, victors reign; inspiring, inciting and inviting all. Today’s victor is no mystery; the natural hair movement has empowered millions with each ferocious battle. Sparring against bigotry, discrimination and the systematic devaluation of the inherent artistry that is Black. Built on the ideals of self-love, acceptance and adoration, today’s natural hair movement continues to arouse as it expands, bringing forth in to the spotlight what was once shunned to the shadows: Afros, from curls to kinks. Braids and twists of every length and style. All deemed as trendy, acceptable and to the less ignorant – normal. The most recent, locs, an infinite emblem of regality, a perfect balance of elegance and strength (much like the woman it crowns) has finally made its way to center stage. From Zendaya’s Oscar stance turned Barbie doll to Ms. DuVernay’s uplifting achievements and the many doctors, lawyers and silk dread wearers who prove its handsomeness with each loc. Its ascension has sparked a curiosity for the Rastafarian staple in all of its form, free form that is. The part styling/ part care method that allows the hair to lock on its own accord without the use of common twisting (think neo J.Cole & The Weeknd). Still, misrepresented and misunderstood, free form locs continue to grow in popularity and has become a topic of interest within the natural hair community… at the very least where the magic begins.

From cascading lengths to soaring updos, free fall for free form locs with our latest hair inspo edition.

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Let it Loose

Do it Up!

Man Up!

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Chadette Maragh
Chadette Maragh

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