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The sun’s out. People are happier. Perspectives and perceptions skew more positive, so minds are slightly more open and consequently the chances of adventure and new experiences have increased. This summer will be everything we want it to be because we’ve decided it will. And we’re deciding to fill it with love, the one thing that can’t be controlled.

Although we can’t control when, where, how and with whom we fall in love, we can control whether we recognize love when we see it. We’re too bogged down with what movies and books and our friends say love is that we miss overt displays of real love. We’re looking for something wrapped up in a nice pretty perfect package, but that’s not what love is. It doesn’t fall in love with you at first sight.  It gets angry and irrational sometimes.  It doesn’t always have money. It doesn’t necessarily look like Brad Pitt. But it’s beautiful. It enjoys your company. It’s supportive and patient. It sees your potential and wants you to realize it. It values you; not the way you look or what you have, but you as a whole person—the good and the bad. And it’s so good that the bad is really not bad at all.

This month at un’ruly we’ll be looking at love—from the rules of engagement to the addictive nature of lust. We’ll also be looking for love, but in places that we may not realize it already exists—in our families, in our friendships and our more-than-friendships. Because what better way to kick off a summer of love than seeing and appreciating the love you already have.



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