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In March we discussed destinations and using emotions like envy and jealousy to help determine what we want and value. Now in April, with an idea of what we want, it’s time to chart a course and get going!

I used to suffer from chronic laziness, lol. So much so that one day, after spending the whole day on my couch watching an Entourage marathon, I googled laziness. (I google everything). One of the first articles in my search results had a line that said something like, “the idea that motivation has to come before action is a fallacy.” In other words, we’re used to thinking that in order to get up and do something we need to have the motivation to do it. But the article explained that action begets more action. The more you do, the more you want to do.

I wasn’t immediately cured from my laziness after reading that article but over time I started to see that action is in fact a strong motivator. The more I did, the more I wanted to do because I was moving forward and getting somewhere. We can think of Nike’s “just do it” tagline as some marketing ploy. But there’s so much power and truth in that little phrase. If you want to go somewhere or do something, just do it. Take one small, tiny, little step toward whatever it is you want. That tiny step will turn into a slightly bigger step and each subsequent step will grow until you’re leaping!

This month, let’s set the stage for our leaps and think about what small steps we can take to get us to where we want to go. You can see how other women are doing it in our Working Girl column.  This month we’ve got two great ladies lined up for you.  Also, on un’ruly this month, we’ll be looking at how not to let our hair keep us from working out.  And in the spirit of starting our journeys we’ll take a look at committing ourselves to that path because, as we’ll explore in one of our hot topics this month, the journey is certainly the destination.



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An entrepreneur at heart, I founded Unruly in 2013 after spending six great years in advertising. I’m über lazy when it comes to doing my hair so I’m always looking for easy and quick ways to care and style my hair.

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