from the editor: the past in the present

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The concept of linear time makes us feel like we’re constantly in motion, that the present is something fleeting, something we can never really catch. As soon as we live it, it’s done. It becomes a thing of the past, never to be experienced again. But if you look around you, you’ll see that everything that has happened is still around in some shape or form. That car zooming by has the molecules of a horse and carriage. The fingerprints of the typewriter remain on the keyboard of my laptop. When you look in a mirror, the person you see is a compounded version of who you were when you first left the womb—that same DNA didn’t go anywhere; it just… grew.

We’re an accumulation of everything that has happened. The past never leaves us, which is why it’s important to understand and embrace it. This month is black history month. And the story of black people in the United States is still very present in its present–in both good and bad forms–no matter who wants to acknowledge it. This month we’ll acknowledge it.

Being a site about hair, we’ll be taking a look at the history of black hair, how it’s evolved and the women, like Miss Diana Ross, that have influenced it’s evolution. We’re also going to be stirring up some discussion about the things white people still don’t know about black people, in an article dubbed, “Can I Touch Your Hair?” Finally, since February is also the month of love, we’ll be taking a look at the growing complexity of modern relationships in “Baby Mama, a Story about Love.”

There’s also lots to watch, read, see, listen and do in February. Take a look at our nifty round-up of what this month has to offer.

We’re looking forward to the trip down memory lane that this month will provide, with the expectation that it will enlighten where we plan on going in months to come.



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