Bring Unruly To Your City

We’re on a mission to take back the Black hair industry.

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My sister and I started our beauty site Unruly which then evolved to include an at-home hairstyling service, because we LOVE black hair and know what role it plays in our lives. We’re a small (Black-owned, female-owned) company with BIG ambitions. Our overall mission is to bring more ownership of the Black hair industry into the Black community, because it’s a billion-dollar industry that we believe our community should be benefiting from. You can help us with our mission and also help us grow by simply spreading the word about us.

We’re currently serving NYC, LA, the DC Area but would love to expand. If you like the idea of professional at-home hairstyling and would like to see us in your neck of the woods, fill out the form on this page then share it with your friends.

– Antonia Opiah, Co-Founder of Unruly