The One Thing You MUST Know About Goddess Braids

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Goddess braids (aka boho braids, aka Zoe Kravitz braids) are cute, but there’s something all the heavily hearted pictures on Instagram don’t show you. They TANGLE. 

They tangle.

They tangle.


So much so that @JustLostJC on YouTube asked “are they giving or are they taking” 😅😆.

We and our mobile stylists have tried to tackle this through various types of synthetic hair. When this style first came on the scene a lot of vloggers recommended using water wave hair for the fly-aways (the parts of the hair that stick out of the braids) and the ends. But this is often the result (click play):

Others, like a friend of mine (and some in the comments of the above post), have tried human hair… and still… tangles…

Some say a blend of synthetic and human hair works. I can’t speak to that from personal or second-hand experience, so it might be worth trying. But I can offer ONE great solution: BOHO CROCHET BRAIDS! I’ve been doing these on myself for a while now and have never experienced a tangle. I use Freetress Boho Hippie Braid, 22”. You can get it on Amazon or in your local beauty shop. (Note: I don’t use edge control when I do my own hair because it can contribute to thinning edges; I free my frizz!)

Here’s how they look nine days in (again no edge control 💪🏿). And they basically stay looking this way. They may lose a bit of luster over time but tangling certainly doesn’t become an issue.

For those who prefer individuals, a solution might be to skip the fly-aways and just do wavy ends with human or a soft synthetic hair, like my friend suggested in our group chat.

I’m still a huge fan of this look! But I’m equally a huge proponent for going into it (or any style) with the right expectations. If you’re doing individual boho braids with fly-aways vs crochets, just be prepared for some level of tangling and thus detangling. Or take the easy (and faster) route out and get crochets ;-). 

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