growing long curly, 4b, hair (video)

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– by Un’ruly Contributor Ellen Haile

This week we’re highlighting our favorite #longhairdontcare vloggers and learning what they do to retain length on their locks.

A natural since 2012 with 4B type hair, vlogger Alicia James shares her guidelines for properly caring for curly hair!

  1. Clean your hair AND your scalp.
  2. Condition your hair to gain and retain moisture!
  3. Learn the porosity of your hair – you may need to apply a little heat (heat conditioning, blow drying, etc.) to train your hair to retain moisture.
  4. Olive or coconut oil helps with detangling and retaining length.
  5. Learn proper heat usage. (We have some tips here).
  6. Take proper care of your locks from the inside out. Gain a good fitness and diet routine that promotes healthier hair growth.

Keep up with all the #longhairdontcare tips we highlight this week.

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