growing long transitioning hair (video)

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– by Un’ruly Contributor Ellen Haile

This week we’re highlighting our favorite #longhairdontcare vloggers and learning what they do to retain length on their locks.

Natural hair vlogger alexxxhes decided to grow out her tresses by transitioning in December of 2010. She gives us her best instructions to grow long locks, especially when it is in its most fragile state.

  1. Deep condition before you shampoo. The conditioner helps detangle and soften hair.
  2. Finger detangle to minimize any more breakage.
  3. Wear out protective styles – like two-strand twists – for longer periods.
  4. Tie up your hair in a silk/satin scarf. It causes less friction than cotton, and will retain moisture in your growing locks.
  5. Find your own hair care system that benefits your hair. (Don’t know where to start? Check out these simple hair care regimens.)

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