hair art-spiration: multi-colored crowns

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Given we’re all about art in February, this week we’re looking at some of the boundary-pushing hair styles that have made a statement at hair shows past. Although these walking sculptures don’t typically fit within the confines of socially acceptable everyday hairstyles, we can draw some inspiration from their boldness to freshen up our day-to-day looks. 

We haven’t played with the idea of having multiple colors in one head of hair since the early 2000s, when highlights were in. But throwing in a couple or three fantasy colors every now always adds a little excitement. Color can be added geometrically with a few clip-ins as shown in the image above.


Or you can opt for long striped locks.


Or you can bring out your wild side with an animal print. Check out the cheetah tutorial below. We recommend experimenting with a “throw-away” clip-in or weave.

And if none of the above suits your fancy, you can always add color to your crown with a scarf…

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