hair art-spiration: thread your faux hawk

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Given we’re all about art in February, this week we’re looking at some of the boundary-pushing hair styles that have made a statement at hair shows past. Although these walking sculptures don’t typically fit within the confines of socially acceptable everyday hairstyles, we can draw some inspiration from their boldness to freshen up our day-to-day looks. 

A mohawk is an innately edgy (easily faked) style but, there are those people who like to take something edgy and sharpen it even more. As the picture above shows, your not limited to sticking your piled up hair straight up, you can shape it into big Olympic rings or something a little more subtle. What’s great about the above picture is the stylist looks as though she’s used the African hair threading method (using her locs in place of thread) to put her hair into 5 large “strands.” Threading is a great way to stretch natural hair without a heat but it’s also a great way to style hair. If done in the traditional way, the threaded hair becomes “moldable” like foam rollers. South African hair blogger AuCurls Naturelle has the low down on hair threading. Check out the video below.


For those who want a simpler way of sprucing up their hawks, this feathered look also caught our eye.

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