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This week we’re taking a look at the hairstyles of each character in our web series du jour: An African City. Today we’re taking a look at Zainab (who’s played by actress Maame Adjei) and her coppered colored natural ‘do.

Per the AAC website, “Zainab, a Ghanaian born in Sierra Leone, grew up in Atlanta. Her entrepreneurial spirit brought her back to Ghana and she has a constant eye for business opportunities.”

In the first episode of AAC we see Zainab’s her in all it’s stretched out glory. In the following two episode it’s pulled back revealing her high as pie cheekbones. She top-knots her hair like Nana did in a previous episode, then makes a subtle change with a half bun.


What do you think about Zainab’s looks? Tell us in the comments below. And follow more of our An African City coverage this week.

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  1. Love this show and love that you’re doing posts on the ladies hairstyles as they always fab natural do’s. Hope you update these posts as they’ve had some great styles in the last few episodes. Love zainabs color and updos.

  2. l really like Zainab’s hair do and Zainab herself, l want to meet you
    all in person, you ladies really make my day ever since l heard you on
    (TELL ME MORE by MICHELLE MARTIN Radio Show). l’m from GHANA and
    planning to return home too to trade in SHEA BUTTER as well. Zainab’s
    character is my role model and l will appreciate some piece of advice
    from her.Awuramma O.

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