Hair Story: Arianna Corbin

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Artist and hair experimenter Arianna Corbin shares her colorful hair journey. If you’d like to be featured in our Hair Story column, apply here.

My Story

Tell us about your hair journey.

My hair journey has been long and interesting. It started back in 8th grade when I started deciding what to do with my hair myself. I’ve had all types of cuts and colors. I always enjoy changing my hair; it’s a big part of me.

Describe your hair in 5 words or less.

My hair is fun!

How did you wear your hair when you were younger?

When I was younger, my hair was either in a ponytail or sometimes just left out.

Style you’ll never wear again?

There’s no style I’d never wear again, I loved them all.

My Hair Through the Years

Channeling RihRih

I rocked a long bob for awhile. I had cut my hair at the end of my senior year and was growing it out. My hair inspiration was and has always been Rihanna! I love the way bobs look!

My First Ombré

I got my first ombre when it was all the rage, so of course I had to get it, but it turned out to be not your typical ombre. It had lots of high and low lights and was sooo pretty.

Pretty in Pink

I dyed my hair pink right after I quit one of my previous jobs. ‘Crazy’ hair colors wasn’t allowed in the workplace, so once I was no longer there, I decided to go get some color! So I went pink… it was pretty random. One downside with the color was that since I dyed it myself with box dye, the color started fading fast. I loved the color it started out with and faded into though!

What has been your favorite look so far?

My favorite hair style is a tie between my short pink hair and my shoulder length hair. But I really liked my shoulder length… it;s short enough and long enough at the same time. Perfect length.

My Routine

Tell us a bit about your hair routine.

My hair routine changes depending on what length and color my hair is. Right now it’s short, so I normally have to wet or wash my hair every other day just to style. Plus I always forget to wrap it at night, lol.

What products can’t you live without?

Got2b Defiant Shine pomade and TRESemme Flawless Curls mousse.

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Ellen Haile
Ellen Haile

My hair falls between the 4A to 4C category, so I’m always looking for the best manageable styles. I live for big, stretched hair, so I often keep it blow dried and call it a day.

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