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Written by Un-ruly Contributor, Dorcas Siwoku

Ciara recently got quite a number of people buzzing about her hair. She changed her look and everyone noticed, partially because we’ve never seen her in a look like this before and also because it holds a striking resemblance to her fiancé’s, (Future) hair.

Ciara's boo Future and his blond locs.
Ciara’s boo Future and his blond locs.
Ciara's new 'do.
Ciara’s new ‘do.

golden goodies to dark cornrows

When Ciara first stepped into the music industry in 2004 with her single Goodies she was noticed and recognized for her dancing skills and lithe dancer body. Her hair was often styled long, honey blonde and slightly layered.


With the release of her second album Evolution, and the growth of her music Ciara switched her light locks for darker hues. Though she experimented with her hair slightly, her boldest look came when she started sporting cornrows.


Ciara did cornrows well! She made an often-overlooked hairstyle look beautiful and sexy at the same time. It was a perfect marriage for her dancer persona, a hairstyle that worked for the dancer’s life but looked equally fantastic on the red carpet.


cut and color play

Ciara spent years dabbling in different hairstyles. She experimented with cuts and color while always seeming to favor blonde locks. Though her hair was never always the same she still never ventured too far from her comfort zone.


major changes

With changes in her life (getting engaged and becoming a mom) it’s not surprising that Ciara took the biggest change we’ve seen yet with her hair. In July Ciara posted a picture of her faux waist length locks. Staying true to her favourite hair colors her faux locks are in the blonde and brown colour family. It’s a beautiful look for the singer and perfect pairing with Future’s classic look – with their first child together we’re curious to see if the pattern will continue.

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