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It’s probably safe to say that co-founder and creative director of premium hair extension brand Indique Hair is a big fan of curls. A naturalista for three years now, she protects and enhances her own locks with several of Indique’s products. From short and tightly curled to big hollywood waves, this former hair stylist enjoys playing with texture and color because to her, “Hair is Fashion. I absolutely love my natural hair! I appreciate the ability to have options while at the same, time wear protective weaves.”

Here’s her hair story.


Spring 2011: This took place on a campaign shoot. I love a short curly style. It’s easy and fresh.


Spring 2012: Here I was in Johannesburg, South Africa and inspired by natural beauty. I love our BOUNCE Organic Curl texture. I became completely natural and wanted to enhance my look with this amazing curl pattern.

When did you go natural? What made you decide to do so? I went natural three years ago. Years of relaxing truly damaged my hair and scalp. I’m happy I made the decision to go natural because my natural pattern is divine. I had not seen it since I was a little girl!

Has Indique always sold textures like the BOUNCE Organic Curl texture? We have always sold textures such as our BOUNCE Organic Curl. Four years ago, when it was created, natural hair was not as mainstream as it is now. Since the natural hair movement, we have seen a larger demand for these textures. I love big hair, so it was completely necessary for us to offer a variety of heavily textured curl patterns. We were the first in the industry to have a texture like the BOUNCE Organic Curl.


Winter 2012: I was on another campaign shoot here. I usually have images of big tightly coiled hair. I wanted to try something new.

I have always worn my hair in so many different ways. The great thing about working for such an amazing hair company is that I can change my look. Being natural has not affected my versatility.


Fall 2011: On my way to our Soho office. I am boho chic at heart! The big hair and color accentuated my look for that day.

I am currently wearing the BOUNCE Organic Curl and BOUNCE Coil Curl together. I am feeling very BOHO Chic.


Winter 2012: In Soho at our favorite bakery. I was making bread :). We were preparing our move to our second marketing office in Atlanta, GA. I was going for a retro glam look.

Any advice for women who wear weaves frequently? Remember to care for your hair underneath the weave. You should not wear your install past 2 months. Some individuals can’t go longer than 5 weeks. Deep conditioning and trimming your natural hair on a regular basis is very important.

Any new Indique products we should know about? We are releasing a new texture in the SEA Collection. This collection is sourced from South East Asia. Bali Straight is gorgeous hair that is completely natural and untouched.
Photos courtesy of Indique Hair
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