hair story: xosha roquemore

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For this month’s “Hair Story” we caught up with actress, Xosha Roquemore (Precious, Price Check) and journeyed through a brief oral history of her ever-changing hairstyles over the years as told by the actress herself.

My hair and I have had an interesting relationship. I grew up hating it as a kid because I’m extremely tender headed and I’ve always had a lot of thick, black, kinky hair. For 20 years, getting my hair done was a huge, painful all day event that I dreaded. But as I have gotten older I love my thick hair, I’m grateful for it, even. It allows me tons of versatility, which I need! Let me take you guys through different looks:



Summer 2008

In this photo I was in “my” living room. At the time, I was living with one of my besties, Ramon, in the chic West Village in NYC. Ramon and I are very much into creating looks and I’d never rocked a ponytail before. I always wanted one as a kid (I love a snatched back moment). My inspiration was BEYONCE! I had just re-watched the “Upgrade You” video and she had a HUGE braid ponytail. I needed it immediately! I had bangs at the time so that was my own twist.




Winter 2008

Awww that was seven months after I graduated college! I had just finished shooting my first job ever “Precious” (it was titled “Push” back then). During shooting, I had a sew-in weave, but for extra volume they glued tracks on top of it! So when I took my weave out, it was a hot mess. I decided to just wear my real hair for a year, so I chopped it into a bob, and got my bangs back (I’ve been back and forth, in and out of bangs since 11th grade). I was definitely inspired by the times for this look. Bobs were in full swing, everyone was a hipster, everyone had blunt bangs and was in flannels and all black. I’ve also rocked an asymmetric weave bob in college once, no bangs though.

Spring 2011

Here, I was at a DEWAR’S event in L.A. hosted by Joel McHale. I was fresh from the beauty salon that day because I was walking the red carpet. So it was just my regular bi-monthly press and curl but I added my long clip in extensions for some drama.




Summer 2012

I was in NYC for the summer, tearing up the town as per usual. I chose this look for 2 reasons: First, because my friend Ashlee had the same braids a few months earlier and I LIVED for them, so I wanted some too. Second, it’s so hot and humid in the city, that a natural hairstyle is ideal. My inspiration for this (besides Ashlee) was childhood. I wore individuals for years and years as a kid, literally from 9-12yrs old. It was a product of a botched kiddie perm. All my hair fell out so had to start all over.




Summer 2012

This was after I took out my braids in the photo above. In this pic I was stunting in New Hampshire with a group of friends, ow! Post braids I wanted to stay natural because I had been working out and I was enjoying getting my hair wet for a change! This was a return to an old style of yesteryear. Freshman and sophomore year of college I wore my hair like this. Washed, blow dried (sometimes not), then 12 individual braids with sponge rollers at the ends. It makes a nice little curly moment.


So that’s my HAIRstory and as you can see, I love to change it up every couple months, even if it just means re- discovering an oldie but goodie hairstyle like half up, half down. I can’t get too crazy. I’m an actress so I have to keep it basic. You can, however; catch me in a long weave, or my real hair in a long bob with bangs, top knots, turbans, scarves – the list goes on. It really just depends on my mood. This summer for example, I’m craving an ultra long, ultra sexy, wavy, Malaysian weave!

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