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This week we’re taking a look at women of color with stand-out style and of course how their hair plays into their style.

Jamaican-born Tamu McPherson of street style blog All the Pretty Birds, grew up in New York but moved to Milan with her husband at age 29, where she’s been living for well over six years. Consequently, her style is a meeting of the two cities—Milan’s elegance complemented with the mix-and-match side of New York.  She explained to, “My style is very adventurous, but I’m conscious because I realized that I can’t wear everything I want so I always step back especially here in Milan, but I love following the trends and experimenting with the trends.” One might say her hair exemplifies her fashion sense; while she generally keeps it simple, with sleek buns and side-parts, her staple hair style appears to be a pixie cut—a style that, like her clothing, has a restrained funkiness to it and pairs well with chic and/or adventurous looks.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Tamu looks below. Which ones do you love?


McPherson left her studies in law and business for a love of fashion in 2005 and since then has contributed to well known publications and websites, like Elle Italia and She launched All the Pretty Birds in 2008 and is currently the Style Director at Out There, an international creative agency.


When she was much younger Tamu wore her hair in “fake dreadlocks” by washing her hair braids until they got curly.


Upon moving to Milan she learned Italian in 5 months by taking a course for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, with the addition of tutoring sessions and chat sessions with friends over lunch or aperos.


She spoke to Vogue Italia about her style: “I love dressing up: today I want to be a business man, but tomorrow, maybe, I want to be a ballerina.”


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