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This week we’re taking a look at women of color with stand-out style and of course how their hair plays into their style.

We’re not quite sure exactly when Bianca deBardelaben came onto the scene (we’re guessing from her fashion blog, Avant Blargh, it was in late 2010) but her mastery of tomboy vintage has gotten her noticed by the likes of Steve MaddenLucky Magazine and Modcloth. The Chicago native who can frequently be seen pairing baggy tweed coats with ankle-cuffed pants describes her style as “Woody Allen-esque.” She says “I love curating my own mix and match from different eras and topping it with mounds of curly hair, vintage accessories, and bold lipsticks.” Her hair rarely changes. She lets it sit curly and free atop sweaters, blazers or dresses layered over delicate blouses. Her hair’s volume is a default statement in all of her ensembles and its length adds just the right touch of femininity to her looks.


On her blog, deBardlaben, goes into detail about her curly mane:

I’m a wash and go girl. I wet my hair about 2xs a week. I use a natural shampoo/conditioner bar soap from my local health food store, and then I cowash with conditioner. I only clarify shampoo about 3 times a month. (with Organix or Herbal Essences) I use Mixed Chicks leave-in after I condition (with a rich conditioner like Aubrey Organics or Shea Moisture) when my hair is soaking wet, and then I towel dry with an old tshirt (prevents breakage and frizz.) And once a week I deep condition with Organix Moroccan Oil or Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning treatment. Remember to sleep on a satin pillow case if you don’t like to wrap your hair!


Along with her blazer game, deBardelaben has a mean turban game. She’s also not afraid to throw in a wig every now and then for fun.

Check out a couple more of Bianca’s looks and keep up with her style and musings on Twitter.

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